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Never a dull moment here. They do a great job with the placement of the actors, the creepy music, and special effects. It seems small until you’re inside. I have been a few times and I’m always impressed. I went a week after Halloween and as many times as I have been and as much as I love horror…I chickened out! So worth it!
Adam Sendler
I sh*t my pants (not literally but probably would have). When I think of horror mazes, I never thought something could be this extreme. Everything looks so real. So much gore, we loved it! The hospitality was amazing. We were paid individual attention and the people running the place made sure everything was on track and none of us got hurt. It was an experience of a lifetime!
Mike Sendler
This was one of the best haunted mazes I’ve been to! I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but some things really caught me by surprise! The staff there was so friendly, and the decor was really well-done. They said that they update the maze every now and then, so I’m excited to see what they have in store next!
Mila Kunis

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